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Please consider the following sites when looking for tournaments to schedule (MW Sports and Info Sports being the primary sources).


A few factors to consider when choosing tournaments:

  • Popular tournaments can fill early, and may need to be reserved 8 weeks or more in advance. The main risk is not getting in, rather than it not filling or the competition being questionable.


  • Less popular tournaments you may wish to contact the organizer to gauge how it is filling up, and which teams have committed (making sure you have good competition) before reserving a spot. These tournaments can sometimes get cancelled or have age brackets get combined, so proceed more cautiously and open up a channel of communication with the organizer. The PRC tournaments this year fit this category as they are new. May want to have a backup plan identified in advance in case it falls through 1 or 2 weeks prior.


  • Use Tourney Machine (may have to Google for prior years) to find which teams participated the prior year if gauging popularity and competition level. About 25% of tournaments use the tool, typically the DSM higher quality tournaments.


  • Leverage coaches from the 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams for insights on tournaments. They will gladly share their perceptions and experience with most of the ones you are considering.