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Thanks for being willing to volunteer your time as a coach in the Pella Hoops Club!

We need all coaches - even those who coached last season - to register for the 2024-25 season.

Please encourage other parents to register, as we need volunteer coaches to make this work - ideally 2 or 3 per team although 1 can work. Prior experience is not required - everyone has to start sometime, and we can help educate you on whatever you need!



There are two registration forms this year.   

Step 1:  Please find your name on the following spreadsheet.  If you are a new coach, please go to Step 2.

Step 2:  If you are a new coach or if you were not on the Excel list above, please use this link for registration.

Step 3: If your name was on the Excel spreadsheet, please fill out this registration form below.



  • Background Checks: A background check will be done on all NEW coaches who register (and every 2 years after that) which will require some information to be entered twice. Results of the background check will be shared with the PHC Board only. Items included for the background check are standard for Sports Engine and can't be adjusted - what is included in the background check can be found here:


  • Abuse Awareness: In addition, NEW coaches who register (and every 2 years after that) will receive an online training link for abuse awareness, which is required to meet the Sports Safety Act of 2017. You will be given a link after registering as well as by email. Completion of this will be required by end of October to meet this Federal statute. More details on this component can be found here: